The Dome Hawk is a rapid deployment wireless dome camera, self contained with integral radio equipment and optional 24hr time-lapse hard disk video recorder. All of the radio frequency components are contained within the camera enclosure making it very quick and easy to install on any flat surface or pole.

The Hawk family of rapid deployment cameras offer a wealth of features and flexibility not found in alternative systems. The primary focus is to present high quality images via a reliable and stable radio transmission medium. This is achieved by designing and manufacturing cutting edge technology and adopting a policy of on-going development.

The Hawk family is the only system to comply with the Data Protection Act in that all video transmissions are secure and cannot be monitored by third parties. Any RF transmission that is not scrambled can be monitored, very easily, by unauthorised people.

  • Riber Surveillance have over 24 years experience in design, installation and maintainance of complex systems.
  • All staff are fully trained by the manufactors keeping them up to date with the latest technology.
  • Let us tailor design a site specific system.


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