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    • Riber Surveillance have over 24 years experience in design, installation and maintainance of complex systems.
    • All staff are fully trained by the manufactors keeping them up to date with the latest technology.
    • Let us tailor design a site specific system.

The automated optical recognition and subsequent recording of vehicle registration plates has been something long since strived for by CCTV manufacturers. However, it has only been until very recently that hitech camera technology has been fused with advances in computer processing power and the development of "Smart" algorithmic software to finally deliver such an important solution.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition is a proven, reliable, automated number plate recognition and capture system, comprising of two main components - the camera head, and the software engine.

  • Determining parking duration
  • Scanning parked vehicles
  • ANPR in flowing traffic (freeflow) ANPR-Plate
  • Barrier control for parking cars   





    Stand-alone pc systems
    -up to 4 ANPR cameras per pc
    -up to 12 overview cameras per pc 

    Videofit Network is intended for any application where anpr processors need to be connected to a central database.

    These may be small systems where collated records are required for a single site though to major schemes which cover an entire city.

    Our Network product is designed to be fully scalable and will handle even the largest anpr recognition system. We offer a full design service for networked systems to help you ensure success no matter how large the project.

    • upto 255 capture processors per server
    • upto 4 anpr and 12 overview cameras per processor
    • verified anpr accuracy of 98-99%
    • captures vehicles upto 120mph
    • records anpr-m recognition movies or single images
    • vehicle & driver database included
    • full graphical reporting
    • camera location maps & photos
    • automatic barrier control & message sign options
    Ideal for city centre cctv, congestion charging, military sites, car parks, industrial estates, commercial sites, petrol stations, hospitals and more.




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